What our patients have to say about us.


“The day after my return to Sacramento, I had an appointment with my oncologist. After reviewing my blood test, Dr. G. asked me what I had been doing. When I inquired why, he replied that there was a great improvement in my Multi Myeloma and that while I had been in Stage One of the disease, I was actually now below Stage One. In fact as a result of my improvement, he changed my Zometa IVs (a prescription to prevent complications from bone cancer) from every month to every other month, He also changed my visits with him from every three months to every six months. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. My future is now much brighter.” Sincerely, R

“My heart is soaring these days at the new-found health and well-being I am finding after years of struggling with this illness. You can’t begin to imagine how wonderful it is to feel good again most days after such a long struggle over nine years.” JS

“I just read an article in Alternative Medicine about your success with chronic fatigue and the relationship with amalgam removal. I have seen a reversal in my own chronic fatigue since having my amalgams out and replaced with a biocompatible material. The change in my health has been so dramatic.” MK

“R First saw you last May. We weren’t sure he’d survive the summer. He was quickly headed for a wheelchair. His hands, even in the summer heat, were cold most of the time. He was having intense problems with his intestines and bowels. After a month he was generally feeling better. He’d put on a couple of pounds. Then you tried acupuncture. Within four days he was walking. Without his cane-forget a wheel chair! What a boost this was for R! Within a couple more months R’s hands were warmer, stomach, pains were decreasing, and he continued to generally feel better. R, and all of us, grew to respect your knowledge as well as you…R’s life continued to improve and this year was full of fun and adventures that were not possible in May, and we found a wonderful caring man named M.M. Van Benschoten. Please express our gratitude to your office staff for their caring, compassionate, and friendly attitudes with us all, but especially with R.” W.S.R. & V.M.

“M has begun to sound out words to read. He was barely reading before and his skills have emerged at the 2-3 grade level. He is in 3rd grade. M physical therapist reported to me that Friday M was able to transverse the overhead rings. Two months ago he needed support to hand from them with two hands. M has started to take more initiative with his homework. Tonight he said, “I can do this by myself Mom,” referring to alphabetizing a list of fifteen spelling words. Two weeks ago I had to sit for an hour while pointing to each word for him! I am so happy with his progress!! Thank You for all your help.”

“I want you to know again, how incredibly grateful I feel to you for the help you have given me. You have done what no one else was able to do for such a long time and I have to tell you that this feels wonderful. In many ways this time feels like a rebirth, a second chance to do so many things that seemed impossible just a few short months ago. All of life has opened up once again. Thank You!” JS
“This is my first vacation without visiting the hospital once a week. My asthma is so much better, I just wanted you to know your herbs are working!! I feel so much better!” TP

“You made my life much more enjoyable now that I am free of pain, I just wanted you to know how grateful I am. I have been singing your praises to everyone.” BP

“I can’t find the words to express how thankful I am for everything you have done for me. You have helped me beyond belief. I feel blessed to have been in your care.” LM

“You have inspired me to have the faith and courage to live when all the other doctors only gave me worried looks, inspiring fear. Through your great talent as a healer you helped me gain strength and health. Through your kindness you provided the care I needed when I needed help so much.” HH