Herbal Formulas

Chinese Herbs

MMVBS provides 100% custom herbal formulas
for all patients.

Through modern laboratory research, scientists in China, Japan, and the United States have confirmed the beneficial effects of Chinese herbal medicines. Clinical studies demonstrate the ability of specific herbs to improve immune system function, increase white blood cell counts and provide antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antitumor effects. Below is a summary of the pharmacological actions of various Chinese herbs.

Our herbal extracts are manufactured by Sun Ten Laboratories, Inc. Established in 1946 by Hong-yen Hsu, Ph.D., former director of the Taiwanese Food and Drug Administration, Sun Ten makes the highest quality Chinese herbal extracts, approved by the Japanese National Health insurance program.

Antibacterial – anemarrhena, chrysanthemum, forsythia, gardenia, houttuynia, lonicera, moutan, phellodendron, scrophularia

Antifungal – coptis, gentiana, phellodendron, saussurea, sophora flavescens

Anti HIV – arctium, coptis, ciboteum, curcuma longa, epimedium, glycyrrhiza, lonicera, prunella, salvia, viola

Antiviral – andrographis, artemisia capillaris, bupleurum, loranthus, mentha, isatis, siler, stemona, taraxacum

Increase T Cells – angelica sinensis, asparagus, atractylodes alba, cnidium, coix, epimedium, ganoderma, ligustrum, schizandra

Increase white blood cell counts – atractylodes alba, curcuma zedoria, sophora flavescens, ligustrum, cinnamon bark, sophora subprostrata

Interferon inducers (fight viral infection) – astragalus, codonopsis, coptis, curcuma zedoria, cuscuta, dioscorea, ganoderma,  lonicera, grifola, poria, schizandra

Leukocyte phagocytosis promoter (clearing infection) – oldenlandia, atractylodes alba, andrographis, isatis, coptis, lonicera, forsythia, gentiana, houttuynia